Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've Got Kitty Pryde... And Nightcrawler too, yes I do.

THE Chubby Cat is out and in full-effect once again only the poor boy is really hitting old-age hard. Once a gluttonous, slightly overwhelming sight, the cat ate its weight in food--SO MUCH, that this year... Well... Do you see the second picture? There's a missing. leg! I'm serious. Well. Poor little (and actually fairly cute) Chubby Cat decided to get his act together and drop a few. We've been doing our Tracy Anderson "Post Pregnancy Workout" video together and have been very pleased with the results.

Ok. Enough talking about fake cats that apparently aren't built very durable. 

"Oh My Stars and Garters!"
That's Hank McCoy's (aka "The Beast") signature quote from X-Men. We had our nephew, Brennan, over for a sleepover last night and he had never seen any of the X-Men's so we decided to have ourselves a littttttttlllle marathon (with Sprinkle's of course). Really, I am spoiled by people who know who they are. I can NEVER get enough.   

My "Trick" jar filled with 2-year-old saltwater taffy. I always advised people against eating it with the intention of just having it be decoration (trashy much? Much.) Brennan had no problem testing it out (though, let the record show, I DID point out that it would probably be very gross even though that stuff just doesn't expire. Not unlike the Twinkie).  I don't think he even bit anything off before realizing that this would not be a digestible food. It was too hard to even bite. Into the garbage it, and the rest of the lot went, and I compensated him with some fresher, chewier candy.   
Sorry Brennan. 

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