Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Flowers

 I love that Elliott once again appeased my love for all things coordinating and matchy-matchy and bought me orange roses since they of course scream Halloween
No pun intended. 
 The upside in an otherwise horrendous football season for ASU?
Look at the pictures. 
I love October. I have to say that Halloween parties are much better than any Christmas or New Year's shindig. I could definitely have an October baby down the road too, not to get off on another one of my month musings, but really! Cooler weather, not right in the middle of sick season, cute newborn baby costumes... Though I must say, Beckett's costume will be quite the display. 
He's going to be a Chubosaurus.
Ridiculously cute.    

Last night I dreamt I was in Paris only to realize that my GRE started in two hours. I was running all over the city looking for airport signs and taxis but of course had time to stop and take a break at the mere 30 ft tall Eiffel Tower. I must have been in the future where they have that Willy Wonka machine that shrinks everything as well as airplanes that can fly me from Paris to Arizona in an hour (I gave myself an hour to find the airport and an hour to fly home, naturally).   

(get it?)


Lisa said...

I just have to say that he is the cutest baby ever. He's ridiculously adorable in that hoodie, and well in all his of pics, frankly. It just makes me want to pinch his cheeks :) Ok, hope that didn't sound too weird, lol.

Also, good look w/ your masters program! I admire your ambition. I've been toying w/ the idea of going for one but can't seem to find the motivation. :)


chazilyn + patrick said...

that is the cutest asu hoody ever! glad he picked the right school... ;)
i just want to eat that chubosaurus with a spoon..... LOVE!!

p.s. congrats on starting your master's program! that is just AWESOME! and then you can teach me what those words mean, k?

Sarah and Trent said...

October is my favorite month too!! It is absolutely the best! We got Jackson a dinosaur costume but he's already outgrown it :)

Alisa said...

No Lisa, definitely not weird! I have literally made him cry (oopsies) from *accidentally* biting or pinching him too hard!!

And thanks, you two!! I definitely hope I get in, I'll find out December and classes start January!! If it were more than once a week and one class at a time, I don't know if I would have even considered it!

BTW Chaz, I got that on at the ASU bookstore on sale! I didn't even know the sex but I loved it SO much I knew it wouldn't matter because, boy or girl, they're going to be a Sun Devil ;)

Alisa said...

And Sarah, I bet he still looks ADORABLE in it even if it is a little snug!! Are you guys going to the boo bash?