Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Fall Fall

Diggin' the Rumple's Wiggin
Oh, what's that you scoff? It's a little too Easter
Well guess what.
It's still hotter than it was on Easter so if the weather isn't changing--
Neither am I!

I bought this indigo moto cardigan at the very FIRST J.Crew to ever open, South Street Seaport in NYC--which explains J.Crew's underlying nautical theme...hmm that was unnecessary to share to the world. It was on a super-sale and I am a sweater/cardigan/jacket addict so I packed it in my already too-full-for-souvenirs suitcase and flew it 3000 miles home with me where it is STILL sitting in my closet three months later. I have a feeling it will emerge sometime this week, though. 

(It looks much better ON someone)

 For those of us yet to be able to afford Uggs, here is a substitute from American Eagle. Mine are going on a year old and I love love  LOVE them still.

 Oh Starbucks. You just haven't been worth visiting over the past year but never fear, your Hazelnut and Peppermint Hot Chocolates and Caramel Apple Cider will soon be sipped by Elliott and I while we sit on heated car seats and drive to QT to get our accompanying 54oz QT Diet Dr. Pepper. Starbucks and QT make quite the combo.   

Trader Joe's pumpkins! 
I live a little too far away from Trader Joe's to get motivated enough to actually go, so Brianne was super thoughtful and grabbed a few small and pie pumpkins for me! They are ridiculously cheap.

Just discovered tonight. 
Caramel Apple Cupcakes ONLY offered October 8-31st.
Ok... I may have had a Sprinkle's cupcake within the past three hours, literally,and it was euphoric, but there is a serious need/addiction/whatever to try them all!   

 These movies may be severely upsetting but the first has easily become a scary-movie favorite! 
I seriously can NOT wait to see the second one and pee my pants/cry/bury my face/do my old-lady *GASP!*/have nightmares for weeks.


PS. The GRE is officially over and my scores forced a silent fist pump out of me while still at the computer surrounded by the other test takers. Many a thankful prayer has been said over my GRE and Fall. Seriously.


Krista said...

There is no way I am watching that movie. I still have nightmares from the first one!!!

Alisa said...

Nightmares? Or... ghost hauntings in your bathroom?!

Kathryn said...

First of all, it was so good to see you on Saturday! I just love holding that sweet baby. Hope you guys got to celebrate the big win! Second of all, I will go and get one of those sprinkles cupcakes with you anytime :) While we're on that side of town, we might as well go to J.Crew too!