Saturday, January 1, 2011

Creating Yellow Snow.

I'm just going to lay it all out for you now. I'm very tired, I've only slept four of the past 48 hours. If this post is rambling, nonsensical and disturbing, you know what to blame it on. 
We got home from Utah today where we visited Nana and Papa (who recently moved up there for work). We stayed an extra day because of the heavy snow, and couldn't deny our excitement over the extended vacation. The trip was bliss and gave a whole new meaning to the word "relaxing." The drive home was fast, easy and the least bit busy. However, before I discuss our wonderful vacation we enjoyed, I can't seem to shake the thorn in my side that has been needlessly plaguing me over the past 12 days. 
The drive there.
The first leg was fast, easy and the least bit busy as well, but the second leg took 8 hours when it should have only taken 5. Why? Well, as I mentioned earlier, there has been heavy snow on and off the past little bit. Last week was no exception. There was SO much snow, that the Flying J we were hoping to stop at for me to use the bathroom was closed. UNFORTUNATELY, this untimely closure was not realized until we had schlepped ourselves off the freeway and across the overpass. The whiteout hid the lights (or lack thereof) of the Flying J, rendering our ability to determine it's "openess" impossible until it was just...*sobs* too late. The snow plows hadn't quite cleared off the overpasses and we were putting our car into reverse and drive over and over again until we had finagled our way back onto the freeway.Ok, maybe it wasn't as easy as just a little finagling and perhaps Elliott had to jump out of the car with nothing but his Rainbow's on and eventually wound up barefoot and ruining his sandal by using it as friction for the tires while I gunned the gas to make it up over the snow mound. 
30 minutes later, we were on our way but I still had a littttttttle problem that now had only one solution: 

 I peed-- in a beef jerky bag.
After all hope was lost, I lost my dignity to a beef jerky bag.
And when I had finished with the beef jerky bag, I zipped it up like any classy lady would, and threw it out of the window into the white abyss.
Yeah, I mastered the squatting without messing technique.
Anything's possible.
Except being able to get to a bathroom in that storm.

Special thanks to Jonny for buying a few too many beef jerky bags and giving us some for the road. 
You helped us more than you knew, good buddy.  

Meanwhile; a small taste of our Christmas.
 Clearly, we were all charged and ready to revel in the holiday spirit.


Lauren said...

Holy cuteness! (the baby and the wrapping paper. But of course mostly the baby:)

Alisa said...

aww thanks Lauren! can't wait to see you guys again so beckett can meet you two! and yeah, that was my classy wrapping paper of the year. the kind that costs way to much money and only gives you enough to wrap three presents. your comment just made it alllll worth it!