Saturday, January 15, 2011

Morning Run.

Some people run in the mornings.

I "run" to Sprinkle's in the mornings. 

I had to make sure I could get my hands on their very limited supply of German Chocolate Cupcakes (see below??)
They're only being offered from January 14th through the 30th.

Of course, me being super paranoid, I was the first and only person in the store. Because really, who drives 30 miles to Scottsdale at 9:00 in the morning to get sweets?

The nice girl working there asked me if it was for a special occasion (well... yeah, it's always for the party in my mouth). 

But I didn't say that because that's a hideous and tacky thing to say. 
What I DID say is that they are to celebrate my husband and his brother coming home off a week-long dental mission to Mexico... AND SURVIVING. 
They come home tonight where Buono's and Sprinkle's (and QT, naturally) will ensue. 
Miss you Ello. Can't wait to see you. And if your brother's by your side when I see you today, that's nice too. 
PS, this guy's pretty excited to see his Dad too!


chazilyn + patrick said...

I TOTALLY went to Sprinkles this weekend!! did you get my text? I can't believe I missed you...

german chocolate = freaking amazing.

i much prefer "running" to sprinkles than running to anywhere else.
or running in general.

Alisa said...

such a shame that they're only having that flavor for 2 weeks out of FIFTY TWO! really, it is so deserving of more! such are the trials of my life.

and i'm so sad i'll be "missing you" again this saturday! UGH! i wish my class was... oh, say, 45 minutes closer!

Sarah and Trent said...

So I have never been to sprinkles...but I am dying to go. Please tell me next time you go and I'll run with you!

Alisa said...

Ohhh Sarah, we have GOT to go!! Well, we've got to get together more often PERIOD!