Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Do:

Elliott was so thoughtful as to help me through my pregnancy with Beckett that he gained empathy weight. Here's the thing: I lost my weight. He didn't. Now these are just FACTS people, I'm not badmouthing my husband here publicly. I'm just zeroing in on something he's been struggling with and displaying it to the public. See? Big difference there. Anyhow, he's an allstar and already lost 10 pounds which is a third of the way there... Give or take. Seriously, 10 pounds in a week. It's really something that most of us other Brennan's envy (in a very loving but smug way) about him. His soccer legs and athletic history burn more calories walking to bed than I do in a serious workout. We like to joke and reminisce to one another about our rockin' post-pregnancy bodies. 

Elliott broke his wrist a year before he met me and had surgery on it several months later. Before confining his wrist to a cast and doping up on pain pills, he was training for a marathon running upwards of 8 or 9 miles in a day. He informed me that he possessed wings. 
(See picture below, but don't pay too much attention to the detail) 

I told him I felt somewhat cheated that I didn't get to ever experience Elliott with "wings" since his exercise had greatly diminished over that time. 
He then created the to do list below and I added the drawing to help him visualize his goal.

My to do list? Either lose the minor double chin or inform my husband that the next time he takes a picture of me (ON the first day of school no less), he had better tell me my neck isn't angled in the appropriate "double chin masking" style--really, there's a whole technique. And yes, I DID start school and yes, I am playing nice with the other boys and girls, making new friends, swapping numbers, and gabbing. That whole bit. It's fun. 
PS. Excited for wings
PPS. I don't think I'm fat, just angle challenged. 

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chazilyn + patrick said...

WHOO HOO GO Elliott! I can't believe how disciplined he is. I would die.
Alisa, I love your first day of school outfit. You always look so adorable.