Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Whilst Elliott was away in Mexico, I wanted to protect myself from as many of the world's evils as possible. The very day he left, I hustled over to Home Depot and acquired several scorpion traps. I'll put the word out now so you can all prepare: If Elliott is ever gone for an extended period of time and I end up with a scorpion in my house... Expect a call. Day or night. I'll reward whoever the lucky exterminator is effusively.
This is 2 weeks later. Not only did I not catch any scorpions, but I killed a lizard, which probably would have eaten lots of scorpions. Alas, the nightmares continue multiple times a week and it still takes me 30 seconds from the time I step into my 5x3 powder room to do a quick eye scan of the walls before sitting down on the toilet (that's where they've been the most, see).


Kacey said...

whilst... he he... love it.

Grammy Suzzy said...

Now, just a few items of "what I've learned" from a fellow scorpion-mother-of-baby-fearer: your traps may have just been the victims of what i refer to as hibernation, nothing scientific, but I found that I would not find scorpions in my house from about october/november to about February/March... Also, don't you have a cat...they are supposed to be helpful in eliminating these pests, and they remain unharmed, as do chickens (that was what we got first...named those sweet ladies Martha and Bertha...and we had no scorpions as long as they were in the windowsill. Now, mind you, nothing scientific here, just what I discovered. Good luck!

Aubrey said...

hahah how funny! We've been pretty lucky that wherever we've lived there hasn't been a scourpion issue (knock on wood)

Alisa said...

Kacey--Just know that you live closest and will probably be receiving the phone call! he he. kidding?

Grammy Suz, Our cat actually did spot one on the floor--next to MY side of the bed no less! She didn't eat though. I imagine she has the same mental capacity as your/our CC did. Chickens are a good thought though, if only our HOA allowed them! ;) I also think that scorpions hibernate during the colder months--making it even more frustrating when we spotted one inside earlier this month!

Aubrey--seriously, I only wish that your good luck will continue!