Monday, January 3, 2011

Beckett Turned 8 Months Yesterday...

...and I pretend our Sunday dinner with Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Ginger Snap cookies for dessert are really an 8 month birthday dinner for him... that Elliott and I eat... for him.

The framed picture of Elliott was Nana and Papa's Christmas present to us. I know, I know; no words. It will be promptly hung in my bedroom so that I can constantly speculate and wonder if Beckett will continue to grow and look just like his Da'. Fingers crossed for a little more red in the hair, though the bright blonde in the back and soft brown in the front is perfection as is. Oh Beckett. Speaking of fingers, let's all look at Baby Elliott and Baby Beckett's.
 To die for.   

Remember how I said last month that I was going to have Beckett's silhouette done at Brilliant Sky in Chandler? The process of having it done was as amazing as the silhouette itself. Taking all of 2 minutes, the wonderful Judith Housel simply glanced at Beckett sitting on Elliott's lap from time to time, all the while cutting her black contact paper and chatting to us. Real talent. 

Matching cords.

 One of my guilty pleasures in life is Las Vegas. It is one of my absolute favorite places to go. Usually you can find steals on hotel rates and it's close enough to drive over for just a weekend. I've gone there to see concerts and Cirque du Soleil shows and to simply just wander (but not too much, it is Vegas), peruse and shop (my favorite outlets are there). I like that I can go for a day and a half and still enjoy it without feeling too gross or "exposed." Heh. Elliott and I aspire to one day go to a UFC fight (another guilty pleasure) there as well. When we were driving home from Utah (via Las Vegas) on New Year's Eve, we lucked into driving by the strip right as it hit midnight. Red fireworks simultaneously shot into the sky along the strip and put on the best (and probably only) coordinated fireworks show I've ever seen. It was kind of like the Bellagio water show but for fireworks. One of my non-guilty pleasures is Brandon Flowers. Well, I'm keeping it at non-guilty because I am a married woman after all. He and The Killers hail from Vegas, but when he released his solo album, kept the theme very much alive. This song is my favorite off the album:   


Grammy Suzzy said...

Though I love Vegas too, it is for VERY different reasons...3 of them: Adam, Grace and Joshy. Allison has told me so much about the awesome fireworks show on the strip! And, in reality, Las Vegas has the BEST parks! When sweet Beckett is a bit bigger, you need to find out from Allison where they are...then he can have fun during the day, and you guys get the fun at night! I have been to Bug and Butterfly park...awesome! Nothing like these boring hot desert parks here. They have GRASS and trees!

Alisa said...

Awesome Grammy Suz' ;) Those are definitely different (and I think better) reasons!--I can only imagine what it will be like being a Grandma, I love being a Mom as is without the Grandbabies! I bet the weather at those parks is MUCH nicer too! I don't think I've ever taken Beckett to a park here, it's either 90 degrees or 60 degrees outside!