Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overnight Sensation.

On Friday night, Elliott and I went to our Super Target (I am forever spoiled and hardly go anywhere else to grocery shop) where I indulged in some "me" treats that I could enjoy in small portions instead of making a whole batch of cookies, expecting Elliott to share in the spoils, and he only has ONE. True story. 
I tell you, the guy is not a sweets person. 
Itching for a change in desserts, I picked up the adorable little $1 sized portions of the two goodies below and died. Honestly people, I am not an ice cream person. You know this! I am a straight up cupcake/Costco cake and cookie person. Sure, I'll dabble in the occasional Ben & Jerry's (again, I'm spoiled and only buy those since I'll never finish a gallon...anymore..) but ice cream tends to make me sick enough that I'll stop eating it for months at a time. 
Here I am last night, sitting in my workout garb at 7pm while Elliott is at his soccer game. He wanted dinner before leaving and I knew it just wouldn't be fun to partake in such exciting sweets and not be able to share, so I ate my dessert early. As an exercise warm-up, I turned on an episode of Entourage and began to sample my small treasures. 

Thirty minutes later, I finish my episode of Entourage and both of my mini ice creams.
 Chewy brownies surrounded by caramel and thick, gooey peanut butter--never, and I MEAN NEVER, have I had such good ice cream since B&J's Cinnamon Buns.
Well, let's not forget this classy picture of me at Hillstone earlier this month as I'm inhaling the ice cream I mentioned we had in Newport. YES. It is HERE in Arizona! I swear that has to be Ghirardhelli chocolate sauce.
Ten minutes after finishing my ice creams (and starting my second episode of Entourage), the stomach cramps ensue, followed by some more unpleasant biological occurrences. This was the food that sent my nutritional pyramid crashing. The whole weekend was a bust in terms of even remotely healthy eating.
And so it was; the workout didn't happen, but let me tell you what DID happen:  
Those ice creams. 

PS: Word on the street has it that the Brownie Chew Gooder is ONLY offered at Target--some ridiculous "exclusive" thing. So go there when you get it. Not if.


Krista said...

Those flavors sound very very dangerous for me...

Alisa said...

Just wait for the Superbowl next week, I am already plotting the sweets--those ice creams included! We will have to devour them together to split the calories!

Kathryn said...

That is so funny. Whenever I go to the grocery store and I'm hungry, I eat one of those mini ice-creams while I push the cart around. Usually by the time I check out and pay, I have them throw away the empty container. I especially love the Starbucks ones hehe :)