Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine.

Beckett, your laughter is so perfect.
 I know you know how loved you are.
Plus, I had to just take all of my Valentine's excitement out on you since your Dad is at school!
 I love giving out Valentine's. I bought one for Beckett, one for Elliott, one for Elliott "from Beckett" and then one that had Chewbacca on the cover and went "Brrruuuuuuuuuurrr" when you opened it... Just because. I did end up returning that one though. This is Beckett's below: Can't get enough of the old fashioned business. "The Runaway Bunny" accompanied the card. I never read it before today and it nearly made me cry. I love the illustrations.
"If you become a bird and fly away from me," said his mother, "I will be a tree that you can come home to."


I told Elliott that tonight I wanted Wetzel's Pretzels because that place could practically be gourmet--they serve appetizers, main courses and desserts--they just happen to all be pretzels. 
And I'm ok with that. 
Elliott told me to "go for it," and I just might. 
This is love, people. This. Is. Love. Your slightly overly particular food lover of a husband consenting to pretzels on V-Day. 
Tomorrow is actually the "more special" day for Elliott and I (we celebrate our third anniversary of the day we got engaged) and I think we will celebrate sometime this week by going to Carrabba's. It's pretty much our "hangout" place. Not really... But we go there a lot and it's a HECK of a lot closer than Scottsdale so it's easily up on the list of food loves.

Like I said, I love turning any holiday into a week-long event. I live for it. They're just too fun not to.  


ackc said...

So i get to babysit again!!!?

chazilyn. said...

Totally lovin' on this.

You look BEAUTIFUL! and so does Beckett.

Patrick and I celebrate the 13th;) I love February...Let's have February babies together...

Have fun tonight!;)

Alisa said...

Apryl--Always! Hah!

And Chaz--You are so sweet, thanks! Hope you had fun on your anniversary!! We should definitely plan on having February babies together, which means we need to get pregnant in May. Not a prob, that's yours and mine's anniversary month--haha!!

chazilyn. said...


Okay. I will think about it....


Amber said...

Love this!