Sunday, February 27, 2011


Dear Brianne,

     I am terribly bummed and sorry I can't come visit you on your birthday. This whole sick thing has been SO irritating!(You probably can relate to that more than anyone with those poor sick kiddos of yours)!
     At least we'll always have the swapmeet. By the way, you were so thoughtful to crawl under the nasty swapmeet table yesterday and grab Beckett's exploded snack container for me while I wiped the blanket of cinnamon sugar off him. Of course, had I just made a decision to buy/barter for that claw grabber, the whole table situation could have been avoided. 
     My only wish is that you get to enjoy some good downtime, some good Diet DP, and maybe a fresh Sprinkle's cupcake (for me). I have a feeling that YOUR only wish will be for the QT by your house to open up ASAP.

Hope your birthday is everything you wish for!
With lots of love, admiration, and endearment,

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Brianne said...

You are too funny and sweet.
The Swapmeet was unforgettable.
I did not buy enough girl scout cookies; the kids finished all of the boxes the same day.
Trevor already planted my cactus, it is an adorable prickly pear.
Thanks for the birthday wishes and feel better so Lily and Beck can play and we can shop (or window shop)!