Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Slang

 I will forever be spoiled by Baby Gap. There's no other place that makes clothes this cute without being *too* overpriced (or offering enough sales to combat the over-pricedness). 

Speaking of overpriced, I've finally made a long-overdue decision to quit using Mac mascara and give Too Faced Lash Injection a try. A few bucks more than Mac, but SO much better, AND you get 50% more mascara. 
I bought this on special last Fall and can't wait to finally bust out my Pinking of You this Spring!

I love these bars, the ones they sell at Costco run close to 200 calories so I stopped buying them. I recently read THIS article, which further cements my absolute devotion to fiber. Creepy for being as young as I am? Honestly though, do your body a favor. Especially you mama's and future mama's. 

I don't get this ice cream thing I've been on, but I've found that the more "fancy" the ice cream, the less sick I'm going to feel. Figures. Anyway, perusing around Target (always a mistake), I spotted this fun find. This is perfect for us Arizona folk who want the taste, without the added "heat."  And seeee? Coffee Free! It is pretty rich still so it might not be for everyone. I also tried the mini Häagen-Daz, "Dulce de Leche" and I was in heaven! Anyone have other recommendations for Häagen-Daz flavors? Oh... sorry Starbucks Ice Cream, forgot this was about you.

 Elliott and I are in L.O.V.E. with Sandwich Thins! It has completely replaced normal sliced bread for us and is probably the greatest thing since. 100 calories each and so soft and doughy! Plus, you can get them in bulk at Costco for WAY less than Super Target... since I have no clue what legitimate grocery stores cost now. 
P57 is amazing for those thighs and junk in and around the trunk, but I realllllly don't like the Kelly Ripa, super ripped look so I'm sprinkling in my go-to gal for workouts, Tracy Anderson, for arms and abs. 
Seriously though, give both an honest try-- the entire workouts are still amazing!
I will always owe Brianne for letting me bum these videos off of her! Life changing!

 For Kacey, who requested that I mention this movie the next time I'm feeling bored and make one of these lists because it was, "Her favorite movie of 2010." Uh. Um... Here ya go?! ;)

 Ok, and I might as well mention my favorite movie of 2010:

 It's my freakin' favorite movie every year. What did you expect, "Salt?"
Ok, if we're going to get serious then I'll say, "Shutter Island." Underrated, intensely good, and who doesn't love that Leo?


Alicia said...

did you have issues with the smudy-ness of Mac mascara? because that's why I stopped using it. It drove me nuts. Is the new stuff better? And how expensive is it? I went back to Covergirl, but I'm not thrilled with it.

Alisa said...

Really, your Mac mascara smudged? Awful! Mine was always so dry and flaky (little black flecks around my eyes). It did the job, but I felt like I could do MUCH better and get fuller lashes. I like how big the Lash Injection brush is and how much it curls and thickens--my two "wants" out of a mascara. The main tube is $21 at Sephora, but I know they have "mini" tubes at Ulta for $8 or $9. The people at Sephora were amazingly helpful (I purposely went with no mascara on to try it)! It's a little tough to get off and the guy told me I'd have to "rub my eyelashes" to do so--and I really did have to. I really like it though, and was glad I tried it on before buying! My favorite drugstore mascara is Maybelline Falsies! I'm actually pretty impressed with what it does for only being $5!

Maryjane said...

umm hello sandwich thins are the love errr 3rd love of my life! seriously amazing! and lets get real about baby gap, 80% of Brooks's wardrobe comes from there and the other 20% is of course Targ. love it!