Thursday, February 24, 2011

Steadier Footing

 I came across this on another exquisite and inspiring blog I read and just had to steal it! I am one who responds quite well to little reminders, post-it notes strewn everywhere, motivational posters, the classic usuals. I think this would do well to have above my computer here in case I ever have a spaz attack about school.
So I would look at it everyday then. You who know me can say it.
Let's just read it, shall we?:

Elliott might be slightly hateful that I would even dare to forsake anything about our wedding day (though, he DID say that going to the Google IO Conference would MAKE. HIS. MAY! (as opposed to any other holiday--anniversary, first born's birthday, you know... meaningless events)shortly after which, I berated him with verbal hate of my own, possible thrown objects etc. etc.) but really. I came across... deliberately searched out... (whatever!) this stunning idea that I know I would have absolutely fallen for then. 

 Now, I am very much so a traditionalist, particularly when it comes to formal affairs. Though, what am I saying? I've been to maybe three formal affairs ever. I say this especially in reference to weddings. You have your classy invitations, classy dress, classy shoes (none of this new-age sneakers business), and classy cake. Well, if I could go back and do it all over again, I might substitute my cake--


 For this type of "cake":
 I really never liked the idea of wedding cupcakes instead of wedding cakes, but Sprinkle's makes it look so... chic?, That I would do it (with them) in a heartbeat. 

PS: Please ignore Elliott's wedding ring on his right hand. He hurt the left ring finger (causing it to swell) in a rousing game of "dunkball" that week. 


Grammy Suzzy said...

Sweet are far too kind! And, I WISH I could take the credit for such a wonderful piece, but I did not create this...I got it at I kind of accidentally posted it to my blog when I was working with the color to print for me. Bobbi offers so many color options...check it out!

Alisa said...

Awesome, I definitely will! Thanks so much for the link!