Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beckett Turns 9 Months; We Play.

Beckett, you are a riot. Lots of loves, lots of kisses, lots of screaming competitions to see who can get the loudest (starting out verrrry quietly). My house will not be a quiet house. Ever. I probably won't always like it that way but... I started it and probably won't be able to stop it! "Beckkkh,"You love your Lily (who shouts your name so clearly when you come to play) and all the rest of your cousins! You are bigger than most babies your age and older. I like it that way since it means you don't mind when we wrestle and grit. You like your routine. You don't like to be spun around and tossed in the air. It makes you nervous. Swing time didn't look very fun for you either.
I can't wait to have you as my Valentine this year. Unless Lily gets to you first!


chazilyn + patrick said...


Beckett. You are too cute for your own goooood!

Missed you guys on Saturday...maybe see you this weekend? Cake balls soon?

Kacey said...

You found baby swings. yayyyy.