Monday, May 2, 2011

Beckett Turns 1.

I have loved doing these monthly age posts, and they all have seemed to gradually build towards this day. This year has "lasted forever and ended so soon" as 2002's Mandy Moore would put it... Ok, so maybe baby Charlie and I watched "A Walk to Remember" together on Saturday. I had to take advantage of having a girl over to visit somehow! 

Today, Brianne and Lily met us at Sprinkle's (where they are starting to recognize us AND where we clearly had to take some pictures)! I got Beckett a dark chocolate and a few others... three... for Elliott and I. One was free though, so really, it [should] even out. Did you know if you "Like" Sprinkles on Facebook they tell you secret words almost every day to get free cupcakes? 

 I couldn't help but tell EVERYONE who noticed Beckett that it was his birthday. He received lots of smiles, tickles, and even a free dessert. We made sure to have cake and presents early because of my class, and were still able to have a riot. Beckett, I'm glad you're the type of baby that has as much fun on his first birthday as the parents do. 

Beckett it is hard to believe you are mine. It is hard to believe that one year ago I was doped and delirious in a hospital bed and didn't quite yet know you. It is hard to believe that yes, we really did get this lucky. It is hard to believe that the clothes, supplies, trinkets and items of sentiment we bought months and months in advance have actually come to be used by you, that they didn't indefinitely remain in their boxes set up in your closet. You are real, and you are here each day with more effervescence for life than anyone. You are inspiring and I am so purely and deeply in love with you. 
Happy. Birthday


Apryl and Ken said...

You bring tears to my eyes. I know how that love feels.

Apryl and Ken said...

This and the above comment is from your mom instead of your sister.

Brianne said...

Is that the card from New York?
I love it.
May 2 is one of my very favorite days.
P.S. Brennan, Bella and Claire were ticked that they didn't get to see Beckett on his First Birthday but Lily did. To quote Brennan, it was "NOT FAIR".

c. claire said...

this is just so special. i love it. and i love that beckett!

and i adore that card.

and i heart the bday cupcakes.

happy, happy FIRST bday week, beckett!


Alisa said...

Thanks everyone, you guys all made it that much more fun and special!

Brianne, it is! How neurotic that I would buy it 10 months in advance?!

And chaz, I KNOW you heart you some bday cupcakes! SO yummy, hope yours were amazing too!