Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's D---*YACK.*

Mother's Day Ranuculus. 

On Mother's Day, a nice lady in Church walked over to sit by me in Sunday School, pulled the hem of my skirt down, and told me "it" was showing. (I'm not being sarcastic here, she was very nice to tell me).
Then, Beckett screamed and screamed in everyone's ears while I shoved his face with the ever-healthy cereal, Froot Loops with marshmallows
I finally took Beckett outside where he, while I was talking to another nice lady, threw up his Froot Loops (with marshmallows) on the floor.
I supposed I may have deserved it, but I thought that having my underwear showing in public had already made it even.
I told Elliott that Church had been h-e-youknowwhat. And it kinda was. It was worth it though, to stick it out the whole three hours, even if it was for the sake of being able to take the same car to Church and leave at the same time (a rarity). I like driving with him. No distractions (we try to not talk on the phone when the other is in the car) and it can be fun to go somewhere, especially if it's home. 
Today Beckett has the stomach flu. 
I went to Wal Mart at 5am this morning to get some Pedialyte. Since I didn't have to wait in line for the Red Box, I also rented "Burlesque." Obviously, I will be Elliott-less tonight (as opposed to Eliot Ness tonight) but maybe I just like a little Stanley Tucci to make me laugh.

There are so many explanations for the above statements that would make you nod your head and go "I see now why," but I'm working on not over-apologizing or making too many excuses for myself. Maybe this was an excuse in itself. Oh well. "Baby Steps," says Dr. Leo Marvin.  


Grammy Suzzy said...

You hang in there, girlie! You are a mom, with a sweet little boy, and are enduring the worst 6 months of your church life, i.e. the time between age one and nursery! I say that it was great you had a skirt on! I'm so sorry that your mom's day ended with a Pedialyte chaser, but you have now joined the ranks of "moms who survive church barfing episodes". It's an honor to have you amongst us!!!

Alicia said...

Stanley Tucci is the best.

c. claire said...

oh. man. you are so brave...

and you are just the cutest mom everrr. happy (late) mday !

Alisa said...

Grammy Suzzy, you have been nothing short of a honor to know and be inspired by! lots of hugs!!

and thanks chaz, happy future mother's day!!

ps, alicia-- I agree. Totally.