Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dig it.

Yesterday Beckett had his first Krispy Kreme donut. He was there last year, but was a wee bit young to have a donut. I'm certain this was the perfect way to come off from having the stomach flu... Right? Right. Here's to hoping he won't have a stomach ache.

He may be scrunchin' that face, but he really was feeling much better by then. 

(Waiting in line last year for their 365 Cards (good for one free donut and coffee a day for a year).  Ten-day-old Beckett is snoozing under the blankie.This year they made us donate $20 to charity and we got a 365 card plus 3 dozen donuts. Yeah, I wasn't in favor of this trip. I've officially had enough of KK. Sorry charity.

That picture reminded me that Elliott has had braces for nearly a year (his brother has them too now, go figure). He is supposed to get them off in December. We (mainly I) will have a celebratory party. I think I will have earned it. Speaking of parties; Elliott and I had a very special party last Sunday. We have parties all the time, actually, but they usually just consist of us two at home. This party was in celebration of us finally reaching the end of "The Sopranos" as it was airing on A&E. We shed quite a few tears, had several near-heart attacks, and stopped breathing numerous times over the course of the last several months, but we made it. Incredible show.
Left to right: Bruschetta with tomatoes and mozzarell', Chocolate Ganache Cake, sparkling grape juice (vino), pepperoni pizza, Italian sausages, Penne Arrabbiata, antipasto, and garlic French bread. We died and I didn't eat for a few days since I couldn't STOP being full.    

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