Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Foods, True Foods

     As if I haven't boobed about it enough through other venues, I got my Wisdom Teeth **unexpectedly** taken out on Wednesday. I went in for a cleaning since Elliott (and his other half, Jonny) were there observing for school, and instead, had x-rays taken and my husband enthusiastically insisting we go for it--hey, it was worth it. Trevor, with Elliott's assistance, was kind enough to do it and it was quite the ugly site at times (well, I only heard the cracking and crunching and drilling) but I can guarantee it looked even worse on their end. And no, I wasn't sedated. From the horror stories I've heard people tell me about their bad reactions and sickness from sedatives, I'm glad I wasn't. Ok, and maybe I didn't want to because I've never been "put under" before and have this slight fear of it. Yes, worse than my fear of shots, sutures, and the sounds of cracking, crunching and drilling teeth coming from inside my mouth.  
     Four days later, I am still on my pill cocktail of Vicodin, Penicillin, and Ibuprofen, but that's expected. I'm doing much better than I was this morning and I think it'll only improve. The fun and entertaining part of this whole ordeal has been my newfound diet (and increased crazy). 

Jamba Juice's new Fruit and Veggie smoothies. After having Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Potatoes and Macaroni and Cheese for a few dinners, I decided to make the "healthy choice" and try Jamba's Apple 'n Greens smoothie (top left...hence "greens"). Yeah, you could taste the carrots, spinach, bell peppers, kale, spirulina and lettuce. It was a fun try but... I'll stick to our signature "Orange-A-Peel" in the future. 

I've also had plenty of these:
Lastly, I just tried these little "Gems" from Target.
Fat Free, Gluten Free, and LOTS of Vitamin C. 
To die for, but a little pricey. 
Sadly this brings me to one of my many embarrassing stories that I am typically able to censor from public scrutiny. 
I wrote a letter to the Jelly Belly company not too long ago. Care to read it?
 I don't write letters to companies if I've been "wronged." I don't call to make complaints on people. I don't send dishes back if I don't like them. I don't return movie tickets. I don't like being a complainer because even if it puts a damper on my day, I don't need to spread it around, even if I feel "wronged," which, how often are we every really "wronged" enough to make a public fuss? Most of the time the person in charge will never know of your frustration and the poor guy trying to earn his $8.50 an hour doesn't need your guff (or in this case, my guff).  I don't need "redemption." It's just too much. 
Anyway, I feel very passionate about it (as if that's not dramatic enough) but perhaps, the Vicodin took over. 
Recently, I was pushed too far by my Sunkist Gems. I emailed them--*gasp*! Please enjoy this glimpse into my ultra-paranoid and ultra-type A personality::

To Whom It May Concern:
Hi, my name is Alisa Brennan and not one hour ago, (Elliott reading this out loud bursts into laughter) I purchased the "Sunkist Gems" candy from my local Target store. I was skeptical about paying so much ($3.79) for a small bag of candy, but knew that the upstanding quality of Jelly Belly (combined with Sunkist) would give me my money's worth. I opened the bag to find an abysmal (YES IT REALLY WAS ABYSMAL)variety of flavors that left me very disappointed and feeling as though I wasted $4. I took a picture of all 22 candies for proof, (I really did, and organized them into a grid so that the quantity could easily be counted) but since there is no area to upload one, (there wasn't--they were rather cheeky in only allowing a submission form for FAQs on their website where you could only provide your email) will simply say that 7 candies were lemon and a staggering 11 candies were lime. 2 candies were orange and 2 were grapefruit. There were ZERO raspberry flavored--as advertised on the bag (I'm just prepping for my statistics class next week). If this were a bag of Skittles, I'd shrug my shoulders and accept the 77 cent loss. If I'm already paying $4 for a small bag of candy and get the least popular flavors (honestly, Lemon and Lime?) I would be much appreciative of a refund or a new bag. You have my email address and my Home address is:
(Insert My Home Address)
Phone: (Insert My Phone)
Now, I still love Jelly Belly and Sunkist products! I am just a bit disappointed that I paid so much for a product and got so little out of it. Thank you so much! Have a great day (do you like how I still want to be liked by the Jelly Belly Company so I say that I still love them?).

I think the Vicodin is talking a little too much on this blog.


iamthecheese said...

I want to read this letter to everyone I know. But instead of doing so, I'll just comment here and tell you so.

miss chaz. said...


totally dying. i love the letter. please tell me that you sent it.....freaking rip off! i know someone that complained to ben and jerry's one time and wrote a letter. they ended up getting free ben and jerry's for life!

of course i would know someone who did that.

you poor thing! i hope you're feeling better. so that is a negative on the green smoothie then? i've actually been wanting to try it. it's a nice thought.....