Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dearest May:

You are here. Stay.

Tomorrow Beckett turns ONE.
Tomorrow Bella turns TEN.
Tomorrow Claire turns FIVE.

I do hope the girls feel better by tomorrow; once again sickness has plagued the Lines' home. 

On Wednesday Jonny turns THIRTY.
On Friday Apryl turns TWENTY SEVEN.
Next Tuesday Ryan turns TWENTY SEVEN. 
(and last Wednesday Anna turned TWENTY FIVE). 
I love birthday marathon May (slash April).
I just love May.
I love the green.
I love the breezes.
I love Memorial Day pool-sides and movies.
I love barbeques.
I love that I always have school off (which makes it fitting for June when I'll have 4-nights-a-week classes for four weeks). Boo June.
And I love my wedding anniversary... Lest we forget.
If I ever have any girls, I may have to incorporate May into one of their names. 

For Beckett's birthday I will, naturally, whisk him off to Sprinkles to pick out his very own first cupcake... while I pick out a few more for me. I purchased a "1" birthday sparkler from Smeeks to light for him. We will then go to CPK for a birthday lunch with Elliott. I have class tomorrow night and will have to cut the festivities short. Not to worry, we are having a Storage Birthday Party (and half birthday party for Kacey) on Thursday (piñata included) and on Saturday, will be having a combined family birthday party at Costa Vida to celebrate Apryl's birthday as well! 


Enjoy your Sunday/Sabbath/Day of Rest.

Oh, and I love Mother's Day.


miss chaz. said...


I can't wait to see Beckett's first Bday (sprinkles) festivities!:)

Brianne said...

I hate April and love May...
Claire was throwing up all last night but at least she made it to the toilet. Poor, poor sick little girls! Very fitting for the last day of April/ tax month/ everything awful month... We will be at Sprinkles tomorrow too, come rain or shine!