Friday, May 20, 2011

It Starts With

Him elbowing her in the ear (on accident...or was it? No, it was, that's not nice.)
He's not having it, she's not having it. 

He shows her how it is apparently annoying to display affection by placing your arm across your loved one's waist.

Once more to get the message across.

And now you get something that resembles an anniversary photo.
 Take one every year people.
Thanks Brianne, our official anniversary photographer.  

Elliott and I went to the Melting Pot where I attempted to taste everything despite not being able to taste anything due to a severely congested nose. I kept eating their salsa by the spoonful to clear everything up. I even blew my nose into their nice cloth napkins (I know that's what they're there for, but really... Gross.) It really is a strange feeling to just eat everything in site, not being able to tell if it's rich, spicy, or gross, and suddenly have this sick feeling in your stomach. It's how we Brennan's do it, and what I could taste, was fantastic. It is definitely a fun place to eat. Here's to many more future anniversary dinners, photos that turn into photo shoots, and scandalous black curtains that isolate your booth from the rest of the restaurant. 


Kacey said...

LOVE the shoes.

Amber said...

Wow your outfit is FAB!! Love the necklace and the shoes!!!

Sarah and Trent said...

Happy Anniversary! And you look quite stylish and amazing :)

Alicia said...

Hot Shoes!

Kathryn said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your shoes!

Alisa said...

Thanks everyone, it was a fun day! Gotta love that Jessica Simpson and her sassy shoes ;) And Marshall's. Got. To. LOVE. Marshall's.